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My design company has used Counter Pro many times for various projects for my customers. I worked with Grant and he and the company have always provided me with excellent service and quality product. They have more than enough choices granite slabs. I highly recommend them if you are in the Fort Myers, Florida area.

My experience with Counter Pro in Fort Myers was great. I wanted to match the granite that was on my kitchen island. Based on a photo, they figured out what I have, then came out to my house to verify the color. I got a quote back that was competitive with the other granite providers. I can highly recommend this company for granite if you are in the Fort Myers Florida area. I would buy from them again.

Things to Consider When Buying Countertops

Counter Pro USA works on commercial and residential projects in the Fort Myers, Florida area relating to the fabrication and installation of granite, marble and quartz countertops. Give us a call today, we would really like the chance to help with your project.

Granite countertops are popular for its durability and unique choices of color. Other countertop materials which offer comparable strength and beauty are available, but most of them are metal or synthetic. On the other hand, granite is natural stone delivering high-end appearance and performance. Not all granite countertops, unfortunately, are created equal. To get the best granite for your kitchen, mind the following considerations.

Form Type
Granite comes in two different forms, slabs and tiles. The former comes in larger pieces typically 10 feet long for each piece. It delivers a seamless look, but it is more expensive than tiles. For long, L-shaped, or arched counters, granite slabs still require seams but they are not really noticeable if done properly. Tiles are smaller but they have all the properties that their slab counterparts do. Because it is smaller, installation is more flexible. Tiles are also less expensive than slabs.


Granite countertops are mostly available in two different thicknesses, either 2cm or 3cm. The thicker granite costs more and is heavier. However, slabs are better when they are thick which makes the overall cost for good quality countertop even more expensive. The thinner one is budget-friendly yet it requires supports for overhangs and laminated edges to build thickness.

Overhangs: a standard overhang is about an inch to an inch and a half, while extended overhang is more than the standard but less than 12-inch. Anything more than that requires additional support, especially with thin granite countertop. Overhang support can extend the work-space beyond the cabinet or table. The support is usually steel braces or a wooden corbel placed under the countertop.

Edges: a range of edge treatments are available from straight, beveled, rounded, chiseled, ogee, and more. Many people who purchase granite countertops do not realize that they can select edge treatments and ask the sellers to provide it.

Finishes: a granite countertop does not come as is to your kitchen. Fabricators perform different treatments to create or polish the finish. Currently, there are three popular finishes:

Polished: through buffing and grinding process, the result is slippery and reflective surface. To bring out the true color and character of granite, this is the best treatment. Daily cleaning is necessary to maintain its appearance.

Honed: also known as matte finish, honed finish is achieved through sanding process. It requires frequent resealing, but it conceals any flaw in the material better. Honed finish is non-reflective.

Leathered: it is a rough river-washed finish. It conceals flaws and highlights colors at the same time.

Maintenance: daily cleaning is necessary in all types and finishes of granite countertops. Mild household cleaners and microfiber cloth are suitable. Most granite countertops need resealing annually, if not sooner.

Bottom line, granite kitchen countertops can be a real design statement in your home and blends perfectly with all kitchen styles. If installed and maintained properly, granite work surfaces in the kitchen bring timeless beauty compared to alternatives. Other premium choices to consider are quartz and acrylic countertops, which are man-made and maintenance free.

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